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Arkadi - Alamo - The stars of Freedom

The heroic resistance of the Texan American people at the Alamo Monastery and of the Cretan Greek people at the Arkadi Monastery against the superior military forces of a tyrannic oppressor state in the 19th century transformed these two sites into a perpetual commemorative symbol of both nations' struggle for freedom.

Event Date 11-07-2021 11:00 am CST
Event End Date 11-07-2021 1:00 pm CST
Individual Price Free
Location: Online Event
Honoring General Secretary of Greek Diaspora Yanni Chrysoulaki

Yannis Chrysoulakis is probably the most consequential link of Greek Omogeneia.

Event Date 11-04-2021 9:00 pm CST
Event End Date 11-04-2021 11:00 pm CST
Individual Price Free
Location: Bloom Venue


Event Date 10-28-2021 7:30 pm CST
Event End Date 10-28-2021 8:30 pm CST
Individual Price Free
Location: George J. Kostas Education Building @ St Basil the Great Greek Orthodox Church
LETHAL NATIONALISM The Genocide of Greeks

The Panhellenic Federation of Florida

in collaboration with

the Hellenic Cultural Center of Southwest

invite you to attend a teleconference

featuring the internationally acclaimed * documentary

about the genocide of the Greeks and the Christian population of Asia Minor, by the Ottomans


Producer-Director   Peter Lambrinatos

Executive Producer George Mavropoulos


The Genocide of the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians in their homeland by the #Ottoman #Turkish State and continued under the #Nationalist #Kemalist Turkish State.

Over 3,000 years of history erased in only 10 years. Over 3 million #Christians exterminated in what is now #Turkey, lives that can never be replaced.

The TRUTH must be told, the silence renders the victims invisible, as if they never existed in a land that they, the indigenous people created in the first place.

A riveting new documentary with information that has been kept silent for 100 years, the first genocide of the 20th century that became the model for how genocides played out ever since.

The silence stops now.

Their only crime....was not being ethnically Turkish.

Register to be able to join us for this screening. The cost is waived during this event.


Interesting Stats:

  • 3rd Place amongst 7,500 documentaries in the Houston World Fest 2020
  • 2021 London Greek Film Festival – Best documentary
  • October 2021 -Toronto Film Festival – People’s Choice Award (90%)
Event Date 10-20-2021 7:00 pm CST
Event End Date 10-20-2021 7:30 pm CST
Individual Price Free
Event Language English
Number Hours 1
Online Event Link (Click to attend) https://bit.ly/LethalNationalism
Location: Online Event
450 Anniversary from the naval Battle of Nafpaktos

Historian Dr. Tony Hatzidemetriou talks on the importance of this Epic Battle

Event Date 10-10-2021 10:00 am CST
Event End Date 10-10-2021 12:00 pm CST
Individual Price Free

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