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Tracing Greek artistic production through the art collection of Dr. Charalampous

Art plays a crucial role in intensifying and enriching our lives in general both as individuals and communities. The definition and examination of the peculiarities of Greek art are dealt with, and its different techniques are explored.

This collection is important not only because of its historical significance but also because it aspires to further the understanding of Greek culture for posterity. It incorporates works from renowned artists whose creations have been displayed in significant exhibitions, distinguished private collections and public institutions all around the world as well as young emerging artists who continue to tackle classic issues with fresh and new interpretations.

The Charalampous collection will enable the public to be exposed to the artistic expression and creation of an important generation of contemporary Greek artists. The works not only display historical events but portray the artist's view, feeling and narrative of these events through the language of painting. The collection presents woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, aquatints, lithographs.

Engraving art as well as painting, has drawing as its starting point, the lines in which the shapes, their contours, the frame of composition and the development of space are formed. The engraver creates an artwork by first making a matrix, so engraving does not differ from painting, since it has the same origin, which is unique.
Just to mention a few of the artists shown in the art collection but reassuring the presence of many and noteworthy ones, I picked:

Sarantis karavousis, (1938-2011)
His play with the perspective creates a mystical atmosphere which turns a realistic depiction into metaphysical poetry...

Vasso Katraki, (1914-1988)
Her works are large in size and endowed with dynamism...

Pavlos Samios, 1948
He expresses a symbolic and metaphysical vision...

Dr Charalampous with his collection, he primarily collects , preserves and presents to the public the works of Greek artists, creating a legacy for generations to come.

Many congratulations to Dr Charalampous, The Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest and The Consulate General of Greece Houston, Texas for their beautiful idea.

Dr. Maray Georgousis,
Art Historian, Lecturer at Ionian University of Greece.
University of the Aegean Rhodes, Greece, Master I & II Paris IV-Sorbonne, Paris, Louvre Museum