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"Athens Texas"

The 1st HCC's Music CD Production is available to purchase on our website for a donation of $20.00


During March 25th celebration of Greek Independence day at Annunciation Greek Cathedral, organized by HCC-SW under the Auspices of the Greek Consulate of Houston Thanos Polydoras with Evelina Nikoliza with the famous pianist David Nacmias performed some of the most well known songs of Greek History such as Zalogo Dance, Samarina etc. A performance that was received with raves from everyone attended.

Next day a Greek retro music concert organized by HCC-SW and Macedonian delivered at Saint Basil, that brought up sweet memories in our minds!

HCC-SW arranged to record the songs performed and put them on a CD that is collector's item. It is a very limited production of 250 copies total. 

You can donate $20 plus S&H to get your copy while supplies last. 

Its the ideal gift for your parents that will listen their melodies !

Its the must have collection to get some of the most Historical treasures of our Hellenic Heritage

Its a way to learn and remember the part of our music history that made us proud!

  Get your copy now  

List of Songs:

  1. American National Anthem
  2. Greek National Anthem - Ελληνικός Εθνικός Ύμνος
  3. Zalogo dance - Ο χορός του Ζαλόγγου
  4. Samarina - Τα παιδιά της Σαμαρίνας
  5. Hymn of Crete - Ο ύμνος της Κρήτης
  6. O Geros tou Moria - Ο Γέρος του Μωριά
  7. Macedonia Xakousti – Μακεδονία Ξακουστή
  8. Pame san alote – Πάμε σαν άλλοτε
  9. Rantevou stin Athina –  Ραντεβού στην Αθήνα
  10. Skliri kardia – Σκληρή καρδιά
  11. Sta 18 sou hronia -  Στα 18 σου χρόνια
  12. Tha thela ligo prin pethano – Θα ‘θελα λίγο πριν πεθάνω
  13. Adika pigan ta niata mou -  Άδικα πήγαν τα νιάτα μου
  14. Ta kaimena ta niata -  Τα καημένα τα νιάτα
  15. Filise me – Φίλησέ με
  16. Na 'tan ta niata dyo fores -  Να ‘ταν τα νιάτα δυο φορές
  17. Min xehnas – Μην ξεχνάς
  18. Pame mia volta sto faliraki – Πάμε μια βόλτα στο Φαληράκι
  19. O kosmos allaje allajan oi kairoi – Ο κόσμος άλλαξε αλλάξαν οι καιροί
  20. Otan gelas – Όταν γελάς
  21. H kota h stroumpouli -  Η κότα η στρουμπουλή
  22. Omorfi Athina - Όμορφη Αθήνα
  23. Esy - Εσύ
  24. Agie moy Giorgh – Άγιε μου Γιώργη
  25. Irthes san tin anoixi – Ήρθες σαν την Άνοιξη
  26. Asto to heraki sou – Άστο το χεράκι σου
  27. Poy na 'sai alitheia to vradi ayto -  Που να ‘σαι αλήθεια το βράδυ αυτό
  28. Anapnoi moy -  Αναπνοή μου
  29. Tha se paro na fygoyme – Θα σε πάρω να φύγουμε
  30. Mh fovasai – Μη φοβάσαι
  31. Hamena oneira – Χαμένα όνειρα
  32. Antio - Αντίο
  33. Glyka moy matia – Γλυκά μου μάτια
  Get your copy now  

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