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The Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest, has recently initiated a Volunteer Program for High School Students. Students will be awarded a certificate to verify their volunteer hours.
We are currently seeking a student who either has expertise or willing to develop expertise in the area of web development.
If you are interested, please fill out the form online:  http://www.hcc-sw.org/index.php/projects/volunteer-program-for-high-school-students
Reminder: If you have stories that promote the Hellenic spirit in our community,  you are more than welcome to submit them online using the form: http://www.hcc-sw.org/index.php/projects/hellenic-voice-newsletter/submit-an-article
We will consider all Submissions.
P.S. If you want to subscribe to receive our magazine Hellenic Voice, send your request at: http://www.hcc-sw.org/index.php/projects/hellenic-voice-newsletter/subscribe-to-receive-the-newsletter

By R. Claytonthe_presidents McKee For The Chronicle


When Peter Vossos was growing up in South Dakota, his Greek heritage was not exactly foremost on his mind.


Today, the Missouri City resident feels differently. “As I grew older, I began to appreciate my Greek roots a little more,” he said. “We have a culture and history that had more impact on Western history than any other.”

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